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STEP BY STEP PROVEN LAUNCH STRATEGY - You know exactly how to have a successful and simplified launch for your new program, course or offer. Learning the proven launch steps that will not only bring in more money but also having an impact on your community by being the best in the game. #TheySeeYouGirl


YOUR BIGGEST PROFIT YET - You finally broke the glass ceiling of stagnation in your business. You are hitting multiple 4 figures each week and hitting 5K months. You launched your newest offer with a rinse + repeat strategy = hello consistent income

RECURRING + SCALABLE INCOME - You no longer have to worry about how much money you'll bring in for the month. Period. You're running your business with ease while having the financial freedom to live your dream life.

LAUNCH LIKE A BOSS - You are confident in your new offer because you learned the techniques behind marketing, the psychology behind selling, creating an irresistible and juicy offer that is an easy HECK YES for your ideal client.

If you've nodded your head and thought to yourself

that this can be you, you are in the right place.

How I Went From $30 - 5 Figures
Almost 2 years ago, I made my first sale within 1 month of launching. I made $30. Yep.  I worked as a social media manager and undercharging my services.
I wasn't sure if I was going to sign a client for some weeks and was constantly wondering where my next sale was going to come from.
4 months after that I decided to launch a group coaching program. And was a total fail; no one signed up.  But at the same time, I booked my highest ticket offer ever.
I was frustrated because I didn't have a strategy that would guarantee me income and develop a community that need my expertise but I was making a sale here and there.
I decided at that moment that I was going to sell out my next launch, make 5 figures in my business and always have recurring income.
Now I am an online business coach, making 10K in months doing what I love and teaching how to do the same.
Before I knew it I was completely booked out and making money with ease. 
Bringing in $1000 every week through my money-making launch strategy.
I no longer worried about launching a new stream of income within my business and hoping it would do well.
I created Profitable, my group coaching program that brought in 5K in 14 days.
I booked it out without even creating the course.
I worked with entrepreneurs who immediately paid in full and now making thousands of dollars passively.

And then I launched my program

This is possible for you too.

  • Imagine launching your business venture, program or course and bringing in the money you wished off.

  • No longer launching and being met with social crickets. Your audience is raving offer your offer and it's sold out before you even launch.

  • You learn a rinse and repeat target behind launching that will take the frustration and fear out of launching because it's proven to work


learning how I made 5K in 14 days with my money-making launch strategy course


Selling is a skill that needs to be developed. You will learn the psychology behind selling so you can make money by turning leads into high paying buyers

(Value: $37)


You will learn how to my success strategy that teaches you how to ensure your launch brings in money before you EVEN launch

(Value: $37)


In module 3 you will develop and customize a money making launch calendar filled with daily content prompts and strategies you're on track to meeting your goals 

(Value: $37)

This is where the magic happens


Until now you probably were just creating an offer you thought would make money but it fell on tone-deaf ears. It's time to slow your roll and create an offer your client NEED and not want.  In Module 5, you’ll clear up your product gaps, and get clear on your messaging.

(Value $37)


Once you have laser-focused down on your new product, develop your launch calendar you are now ready to launch your product seamlessly with ease. In this module, you will learn the exact steps of putting your launch into action

(Value: $37)


Your launch is only as strong as your mindset. In this training, you will reset your mind to seeing yourself in the highest version of you.  You will go from dreaming about money to believing it's already yours. Hello abundance. 

(Value: $37)



Includes lifetime access to:

  • 6 Module Training (Value $222)

  • BONUS: 1:1 private Intensive Strategy Session (Value: $197)

  • BONUS: Launch Landing Page 101 Checklist (Value: $20)

  • BONUS: Converting Launch Content Checklist (Value: $20)

  • Launch Like A Boss Workbook (Value: $30)

  • Weekly LIVE Classes (Value: $397)

  • FREE: Passive Income Masterclass (Value $40)




Includes lifetime access to:

  • 6 Module Training (Value $222)

  • BONUS: 1:1 private Intensive Strategy Session (Value: $197)

  • BONUS: Launch Landing Page 101 Checklist (Value: $20)

  • BONUS: Converting Launch Content Checklist (Value: $20)

  • Launch Like A Boss Workbook (Value: $30)

  • Weekly LIVE Classes (Value: $397)


Here are the receipts sis

You got questions? I have answers.

If I don't enjoy this what is your refund policy?

5K Launch Like A Boss is non-refundable. Natania has invested time into creating a course that will help you grow your business.

I am interested in joining but I just launched my business. Should I join?

Yes! You can! I have worked with many students who just launched their business and made, applied what the learned and take actions. They always see massive results like making hundreds within launching their business. If you are ready to implement what you learn, this course is for you.

Do I need to check Facebook often?

Yes you do! The weekly live Q&A classes will only take place in Facebook. You will need to be on it regualary. Natania will be there

How long will I have access to the program?

Life time baby!

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes you can pay for the course in 2 equal payments instead of paying in full. You can do 3 payemtns of $150. 2/3 must be before you have access to the course content.

How long is the program?

5 rapid fire weeks. It's to be FUN, action oriented and information packed.

When will the program start?

May 25 - June 22 2020

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