It's time to make a change. We need to have more conversations about diversity, inclusion and addressing systemic covert and overt racism within the entrepreneurship community because it is there.


We are the change. We have the power to shift the future. We need to first be educated about our own biases, white privilege, microaggressions and understand how non-black people continue to oppress BIPOC.


This class is going to do just that. 


By the end of the class, you will learn the necessary steps to take in order to use your voice, your privilege and your platform on ways that you can help make a long-term and sustainable change.


Topics that will be covered:

- What is White Privilege

- Addressing Microaggression

- Racism In The Entrepreneurship Community

- Longterm Steps To Take To Shift The Future (even after the protests are done)


A portion of proceeds will be donated to black communities in need.


If you cannot make it to the class live, you will still receive the replay link for free.


Can't wait to see you inside.


*This class is a replay. In the Word doc, you will be given a private YouTube link to access it.

At The Table | A Class On Inclusion for BIPOC In Entrepreneurship


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