Have you ever felt empty and defeated because you really wanted to start your business but because you aren’t sure how to start it up because you don’t have the $$$ in the bank? I get this a lot from people and deiced t create a master just for you (student in school, SAHM, or creative working a 9-5 and dreaming of being your own boss)

When I first started my business, I had less than $100 to invest in it. But I learned how to start with just an idea and less than $100 and make more than I thought I could as a student. I’ll walk you through my 6 step by step process that I used to start my businesses with less than $100!

Here’s what you’re in for?

•You’ll learn the easiest actions you can do right away that positions you on a successful path to starting your business without losing anything.

•I’ll show you how to start a business that’s sustainable so you constantly see repeat customers and not fall into the trap of endless grinding in your start up

•Attract clients that will pay when you launch your business


You in? 😏 

See you in class

How To Start A Business With Less Than $100


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