- Let's be real. Your offer works. It's a million-dollar idea and you know your business has what it takes for you to quit your 9-5 and work from your laptop. But you aren't sure how to sell it online. You don't know what you need to do first but you know you gotta do something!


This is where I come in. The Scale For Profit marketing course will give you a bulletproof 3 part formula teaching you how to get online, and sell your offer and make money. You will learn how to: position yourself as an expert so you can be booked and busy, package your offer so when your client sees it, they want it and how to price your business. No more low-balling yourself.


You finally broke the glass ceiling of stagnation in your business. You are hitting multiple 3 figures and you are ready to double your income. You are ready to launch your offer with a rinse + repeat strategy = hello consistent income!


 In this hybrid course, you will learn how to be a leader and expert in your field. After all, people are always in your DM trying to pick your brain for free without paying. They are asking for your opinion and you know you should be charging but you just don't know where or how start.



You need mindset coaching. In order to go from 1K months to 1K hours, you need to shif your mindset. You cannot grow your business with 10K strategies and expect to hit 40K months. You have to do something different. And it first starts in understanding how you view money and how you spend it.

If you've nodded your head and thought to yourself that this is you, you are in the right place.

here's why you are here
How I Went From $30 - 20K months
Almost 2 years ago, I made my first sale within 1 month of launching. I made $30. Yep.  I worked as a social media manager and undercharging my services.
I wasn't sure if I was going to sign a client for some weeks and was constantly wondering where my next sale was going to come from.
4 months after that I decided to launch a group coaching program. And was a total fail; no one signed up.  But at the same time, I booked my highest ticket offer ever.
I was frustrated because I didn't have a strategy that would guarantee me income and develop a community that need my expertise but I was making a sale here and there.
I decided at that moment that I was going to sell out my next launch, make 5 figures in my business and always have recurring income.
Now I am an online business coach, making 20K in months doing what I love and teaching how to do the same.
I went from 5K weeks to 20K months
I have been booked out every single month and now being 50% booked up a month in advance.
I did 20K  a month without launching. 
I no longer worried about launching a new stream of income within my business and hoping it would do well.
I created Scale For Profit, my group coaching program that brought in 17K in sales in 14 days.
I booked it out without even creating the course.
I worked with entrepreneurs who immediately paid in full and now making thousands of dollars.

here is what covid looked like for me

This is possible for you too.

  • Imagine launching your business venture, and bringing in the money you know you deserve

  • Everytime you launch something, you know someone will buy it because you have built enough trust with your audience 

  • You have shifted your mindset from thinking you can't have 5K months to waking up to money notifications because your business flows from abudance

Copy of Copy of Copy of Christian Wealth

The essentials



Automatically be upgraded to a VIP Scale Student, when you pay in full you will have access to the bonuses:

- 1 free 1:1 Strategy Session  (Value $257)

- (3) 40 minute 1:1 Private Coaching calls for 3 weeks (Value $771)

- Access to 2 free masterclasses of your choice right after you pay (Value $99)

- 5K Launch Like A Boss Workbook 

(Value $67)

- Scale Society Resource Guide (Value $99)

- 6 Live Modules (Value $1,800)

- Unlimited text support via Telegram (Value $800)

Total: $2,493

(And yes, this is how much I charge individually)



As a Scale Society student you will have access to:

- Unlimited text support via Telegram (Value $800)

- 5K Launch Like A Boss Workbook 

(Value $97)

- Scale Society Resource Guide (Value $99)

- 6 Live Modules (Value $1,800)

 Total: $1,866

Don't believe me? Here's proof

You got questions? I have answers.

If I don't enjoy this what is your refund policy?

Scale For Profit courses and content is non-refundable. If you truly are not satisfed with it, please reach out and send me a message to chat but a refund will not be issued on any grounds whatsoever.

I am interested in joining but I just launched my business. Should I join?

Yes! You can! I have worked many students who have just started their business and also those who haven't launched but wanted to sign up to avoid common pitfalls every new entrepreneur makes. So if you want to jump start your freelance business and learn from the best, you should sign up. They always see massive results like making thousands within launching their business. If you are ready to implement what you learn, this course is for you.

Do I need to check Facebook often?

Yes you do! All communciatin will be held within the Facebook group.

How long will I have access to the program?

Life time baby!

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes you can pay for the course in 3 equal payments instead of paying in full. You can do 3 sepearte transaction for $433 and both must be completed prior to you starting the course.

How long is the program?

5 rapid fire weeks for the course. It's to be FUN, action oriented and information packed. If you upgrade to be a VIP Scale Student, the program will run for 8 weeks with 3 extra weeks of private 1-1 coaching and access to me.

When will the program start?

I start teaching the Scale For Profit Bootcamp on January 11-25. The Scale For Profit Marketing starts February 1-15. Private 1-1 Coaching Calls startsFebruary 15 - March 1.

I want to sign up but I won't be able to attend to the classes live.

That's okay! All the classes will be recored and you have 1 year access to the Facebook group and the replays. So if you are strapped for time and can't show up live, you will still have access to the replays. You have 48 hours to watch the replay and ask questions before we move on for good. This is to keep each student accountable to showing up and watching the modules in a timely manner.

Will the classes be recorded?

All the classes will be recored and you have 1 year access to the Facebook group and the replays. So if you are strapped for time and can't show up live, you will still have access to the replays.

How will you and I communicate?

We will be using Telegram to chat; answer questions and share wins. We will not chat via Instagram direct message as messages can get lost easily. There will also be a private Facebook group with access to past Scale members where you can network and collaborate with. Since they too have made an investment to work with me, you'll be surrounded with women who are serious about their business and making an impact and profit.

What else are we getting? Is it just classes?

Nope! I am creating a breakdown and actionable plan via Google doc with scripts and templates on what to say and access to my done for you content for packaging your offer via Canva. So you're not just getting the class but additional resources as well.

How many women are you accepting?

Only 25 and the program is ALAWAYS booked out fast.

When are the payments due?

For the 3 part payment plan it is: Nov 30, Dec 11 and Dec 21 2020. The entire program must be paid in full prior to receiving the classes.

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