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So you’re busy and I get it! For many business owners, you may find that there isn’t enough time to efficiently and efficiently work on your business while dedicating the necessary time, tools and resources for effective social media management. The benefits of posting quality content, engaging with your followers on a regular basis take a lot of time and effort many entrepreneurs just don’t have but the results always lead to generating more income and new clients!  So why put this on the back end or D.I.Y it?


With over 3 years of marketing expertise, I have learned the in’s and outs of effective campaigns, building unique strategies curated to each of my clients for their specific business needs.


So this is where I come in.


You need a social media manager and I have just the right tips, tricks and tools to help.  Not only do I have the time to dedicate to implementing your campaigns, but I also have the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that your social media efforts are a success. All my clients have access to the standard general service features.


Looking for more then just the standard and are ready to invest in your business? Take a look at my 3 packages below and decide on what is best for your business.  

+ 25 or more social media graphics: beautifully curated and engaging visuals specific to your business 

+ Branding and development:  developing a cohesive brand identity for your social media platforms differentiates you from your competition and help your business better tell its story

+ 30 hashtags specific to your business:  it's no secret that hashtags help drives more traffic to your Instagram profile and ultimately to your website. Using the maximum amount of hashtag on all your posts will help your business be more discoverable.

+Unlimited email support: Got a question and need help through the time we are working together? Shoot me an email and I will reply within 48 hours to give you the support you need.

+ An updated bio for social media: Your Instagram bio is one the first things your audience sees on your page and you can either grab their attention or lose it.

+ Highlight cover designs: show your business’s personality through curated highlight covers. Let your followers know what your business is about, the services you offer and a little bit about you!

 I thought so! 

Ready to stand out on Instagram?

Social Media Start-Up

  • 25 Social Media Graphics 

  • Branding and Development

  • 30 Hashtags 

  • Bio Update for Social Media

  • 5 Highlight Cover Designs


one time payment

$300 for one month 

$600 for two months contract

Social Media Boost

  • 30 Social Media Graphics 

  • Branding and Development

  • 30 Hashtags 

  • Bio Update for Social Media

  • 1 Strategy Session for   30 minutes

  • Social Media Audit for  Instagram and Facebook

  • 5 Highlight Cover Designs


one time payment

$400 for one month 

$700 for two months contract

Social Media Elite

  • 30 Social Media Graphics 

  • Branding and Development

  • 30 Hashtags 

  • Bio Update for Social Media

  • 1 Strategy Session for  30 minutes

  • Social Media Audit for  Instagram and Facebook

  • Virtual Assistant 

  • Email Marketing

  • 5 Highlight Cover Designs



 $1200 for 8 week 


So you have a business and you understand

the importance of having an online presence...

+ But you are constantly trying to figure out how to get to your ideal clients
+ You want to learn how to turn your followers into buyers and have a sustainable and profitable income
+ You are tired of seeing everyone else online look "successful" and while you just don't quite get why your business isn't growing the way you imagined it to

If this sounds all too familar

Let’s get down to the root of the problem and put a plan in place. This private session is intended for entrepreneurs actively seeking solutions to their social media marketing problems. Feel free to pick my brain and ask any question you want. By the end of the meeting, you will leave with solutions and clarity in your business.

So if you are a small business owner looking to grow your social media platform I am here to help. Tell me what, why, how, and all the other fun details, and we’ll make it happen!




Social Media coaching

So what exactly does a social media coach do?


This program is for you if

+ you're an aspiring or established entrepreneur and you want to learn how to take your business to the next level

+ you are a creative at heart and you want to learn how to thrive on Instagram with a business account


 I will show you my tips and trick on building a following on Instagram,  turning followers into buyers, identifying your ideal client so you can marketer and sell your business to paying clients. 

It's no secret that Instagram can be confusing. With an ever-changing algorithm, new feature updates, and gaining a consistent following with real engagement, Instagram requires a strategic plan so you can be on top of the game.

With my 6 week step by step virtual strategy sessions, I will teach you how to use social media to be a game-changing tool for your business. Each session is up to 30 minutes with 10 minutes reserved for Q&A at the very end. 

the goods

SESSION 01 Initial Session: how to better understand your business,  identifying your business' weak points and strengths

SESSION 02 Identifying Your Ideal Client: know exactly who you are selling to

SESSION 03 How To Turn Leads into Clients 101: learn all about sales funnel & develop a winning funnel system

SESSION 04 How To Create Effective Content  to Drive Sales: sharing your story

SESSION 05 Wrap Up Session: your very own social media strategy & customized content  calendar

Session 06 Follow up session: this session allows us to see the progress you're making and keep you accountable to your goals

one time payment


1 - on - 1

Intensive Strategy Sessions
I teach creatives how to turn their passion projects into a profit by helping them position themselves as an authority figure in their niche so they can launch the business they dreamed.
one time payment
What's In It For You
+ 60 minutes laser focused
coaching and strategy session
+  we will  develop a plan on how to turn your passion into a profit
+ ​learn how to scale your business idea to increase your profit
+ have a set plan on price points and develop a custom sales funnel
+ your own social media and email marketing tips and tricks
+ a full outline manual of actionable steps to take after our session 

my happy clients

"Natania was extremely helpful in pinpointing key areas 

about my  page that needed work. 

She broke it down for me so I could understand

how to execute it effectively." 

- Dominique McDonald, Shop The Style Finds

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